When You Utilize Our Bumper Protector, the Dirt That is Attached to Your Car Stays on Your Car and Doesn't Wind Up a Stain on Your White Pants

by Jennifer Maheu March 28, 2016

You wouldn’t think that a company who sells bumper guards would be the fashion aficionado doling out the do’s and don'ts of wearing white. But then you would be surprised at all the areas of expertise in which we pride ourselves.

The one problem people have with wearing white, like a nice pair of white jeans, is that it is so incredibly frustrating when they get dirty. Now, there are any number of scenarios in which your white pants may succumb to an unwanted stain, and most are hard to avoid. But when you utilize our bumper protector, the dirt that is attached to your car stays on your car and doesn't wind up a stain on your white pants. If only there were more brilliant products like this saving white pants all over America, one pair at a time.

But we digress, we are here today to give you these basic rules for wearing white.

Don't you dare wear a white dress to a wedding. The only person wearing a white dress at a wedding is the bride. If you must, you can get away with a dress or ensemble with white in it, but whatever you do, don’t show up the bride.

When wearing white, for crying out loud, please choose the right shoes. Heavy-looking black pumps paired with white anything just looks really weird. Better options are sandals or lighter-toned shoes, even brown looks better than black.

On days in which the weather is cooler, opt for an off-white or beige ensemble. You really need to stick with white only when the temperatures will be above 80 degrees. Hey, we don’t make the rules, we just post them for you.

Anyway, we hope you take these tips seriously. And we do hope you order a bumper protector or two to better shield your white clothes from the elements stuck on your car.

Jennifer Maheu
Jennifer Maheu