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The Ultimate Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard, Scratch Protector

by Robert DePalma January 10, 2016

We drive everyday only to see everyone else's bumper and we rarely pay attention to ours. Our bumpers are neglected and never get the attention they need. We need to protect our assets.  Born out of necessity, the BumperBib is the answer to our problems.  It has a trunk mat portion and bumper protector portion.  The trunk mat portion protects the trunk area from accidental spills and serves to keep the OEM mat clean.  The bumper protector portion offers an extra wide surface which means it covers more of your car bumper while unloading items. Not only does it protect your bumper but it protects your pants from dirt and grime residue from your bumper.  As a car enthusiast our bumper protector was designed and crafted to complement todays style of vehicles making it the most attractive bumper protector on the market.  No other bumper protector gives you all these benefits.

Robert DePalma
Robert DePalma