Forget the Pinstripe Kit, You Need a Bumper Protector

by Jennifer Maheu January 26, 2016

You spend your hard-earned money on all sorts of accessories for your vehicle, many of them turn out to be less than you had hoped. You purchased those great aftermarket wheels, but unless you spend two hours polishing them every week they look worse than the stock rims that came with the car. You added some ground effects lighting around your car, but you feel like a silly teenager when you actually use them. And don’t forget about the do-it-yourself pinstripe kit that proved you can’t even place a sticker on a car without having it turn out disastrous. But before you give up on buying any other car accessories, we have one that you definitely need and in no way can you mess it up either.

You need a bumper protector.

Now, not just any bumper protector mind you, but a BumperBib that gives real bumper protection.

Now, many of you are visualizing some fancy contraption that will take an entire Saturday afternoon to install, and that is only if you have the special tools required. Well, you are dead wrong. For those doubters out there, here is how you install our bumper protector:

  1. Place the trunk portion in your trunk
  2. Basically, you are done

Now, when you need that added bumper protection, like when loading or unloading your truck, simply flip out the protector and you are good to go. When the bumper guard is not in use, simply flip it into the truck for easy storage.

Intrigued by our product? Then check back for more information, it will be worth the effort, we promise.

Jennifer Maheu
Jennifer Maheu