Our Story


     I originally started this company to sell my bumper protection covers to local people with my community.  It all started when my wife and I went Christmas shopping and our three year old son needed a diaper change.  My wife decided to change my son in the trunk of our car and when she was finished she noticed a dirt stripe across her pants.  Needless to say, she was not a happy at the moment and she wanted me to make her something to prevent from getting dirty.  That is when Bumperbib was born.  January 2012 I first started with a very crude version of the current design and gave it to my wife to use when she needed it.  My wife was satisfied that she had something she could use to protect her pants from getting dirty and her problem was solved.  As my wife started to use it, she was asked by strangers “where can we get one of those mats”, so I started making mats for other people using materials from local retailers.  I realized if people want to spend their money on this, I needed to learn how to make a safe quality product for the public.  Little did I know that I was solving another problem that had not been addressed – bumper scratches from unloading and loading items from the trunk.  Items like strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, golf bags, sports equipment, musical drum equipment, tools, luggage, etc.  I had a customer asked me “hey can I put a logo on your mat” and monogramming/embroidery was born, especially for the college football tailgating market.

     I started from my garage and made it into a mini-factory and I was the only employee.  I immediately realized that I need to see if I could patent my idea and 14 months later I was awarded a patent for the Bumperbib.  Working out of my garage for 9 months I grew my business efficiently and now I have manufacturing and fulfillment secured to meet the demand of my consumers.  Now, I am ready to sell wholesale and build relationships to expand and build the company with the help of other great companies.  The best part about this is I’m able to grow a business in an industry I love with my family, I have the best of both worlds.  It has been extremely tough at times but I am lucky to be able to pursue something I have always wanted to do.  This is all started with an idea and a big dream to build my business.  It is hard to believe sometimes what has happened.


Be Great !

Robert  – Owner Protective Mats Inc.