Your Vehicle's Bumper Needs Your Attention!


    Have you felt the frustration?

    Pants need BumperBib bumper protector, bumper protection

    While you might occasionally snag your blouse on a sharp object or spill coffee on your best pair of pants, it is nothing compared to the anger you feel when you get a dirt stripe on your outfit after leaning into the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle.

    And then there is this...

    Paint edge nick needs BumperBib bumper protector car bumper protector preventing paint chips

    A dirt stripe is bad enough, but a scratched rear bumper is just as infuriating, especially when it could have been avoided at a very reasonable price.

    "BumperBib was developed out of necessity. We were tired of seeing angry people with dirt stripes and others crying over scratched bumpers, the mayhem was just too much for us to handle. You see, the BumperBib was designed to protect the bumper and trunk area of your vehicle, with the added bonus of keeping your clothing safe from dirt and filth. This is what makes BumperBib the most unique bumper guard on the market."


      • Mildew and Stain Resistant
      • Durable, Built to Last
      • Easy to Clean
      • 100% Polyester
      • No Tools Required
      • Bumper Protection while your Unloading 
        • golf clubs
        • strollers
        • groceries
        • Hardware items like bags of sand, soil, gravel, etc
      • Trunk Mat Protection from
        • Dirt and Grime
        • Accidental spills


    What people are saying about us...

    The product is well designed and made well. BumperBib is really all about customer satisfaction.

    Deacon Bob

    Exactly what I need to protect the bumper from nicks.


    So what does this mean for you?

    It means that you are no longer stuck in the vicious cycle of scratching your vehicle or dirtying up your clothing every time you need to get into the trunk of your vehicle! 

    rear car bumper protector helps protect from scratches

    Get the BumperBib, You'll Love it. 

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