Rear Bumper Protector

An Attractive, Simple, Unique, and Innovative Bumper Protector for your vehicle Rear Bumper!

Our rear bumper protector features an innovative patented shape and design to meet all your bumper protection needs. It’s an attractive, simple, unique, and innovative rear bumper protector for your vehicle protecting the rear bumper from the dings and dents that cost you money.  It shields your clothes against the mud and grime when leaning against the bumper while loading or unloading luggage, groceries, baby strollers, etc. It also protects your bumper from pets such as dogs scratching the bumper while jumping in and out or riding along in your vehicle. How many times have you leaned into your trunk or cargo area of your SUV only to walk away from the car with a huge dirt stripe on your clothing? The BumperBib universally fits almost all vehicles and is easily placed to the inside of your limousine, taxi, car, van, or SUV, and flips out over the bumper when needed and is easily flips into your trunk.