Rear Bumper Protector and Bumper Guard Easily Folds Away


  • The BumperBib is an attractive, simple, unique, and innovative rear bumper protector for your vehicle. A low cost solution against high cost repairs. 

    • Patented Universal rear bumper protector
    • The Trunk Portion is 45"L x 24"W and the Bumper Portion is 37"L x 15"W.
    • Mildew and Stain Resistant
    • RUBBERIZED backing - Durable, Built to Last
    • Easy to Clean
    • 100% Polyester
    • No Tools Required
    • Bumper Protection while your Unloading
      • golf clubs
      • strollers
      • groceries
      • Hardware items like bags of sand, soil, gravel, etc
    • Trunk Mat Protection from
      • Dirt and Grime
      • Accidental spills

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